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black Work Thin Shoes 37 cut Middle Heel Low Manufacturer of drying, cooling, classification and related vibratory process equipment

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Plastic Pellet 200 Series Classifiers

Witte plastic pellet classifiers separate “fines” and “overs” from on-spec plastic material with such precision that nearly 50% of the plastic resin in the United States is classified on Witte equipment. Resin manufacturers and compounders especially appreciate the designed-in ease of cleaning, negligible maintenance and quiet operation.

The pellets (or micropellets!) are passed from the dicer or cutter through an inlet cover and spreader onto a metal distribution deck, ensuring a single, thin, even layer. While the gentle, vibratory action moves the material downstream, oversize pellets are screened through a perforated deck. This CNC-machined, perforated deck operates in tandem with the ideal angle of vibration and actually keeps the pellets calm and quiet to prevent “short-longs” from standing on end. Double separator models also include a “fines” separation section.

The standard “fines” screen consists of a continuously welded, stainless steel tubular frame with wire mesh. Further, Witte still takes the time to pure tin solder the pre-tensioned cloth. Where blinding may be a problem, Witte can add “Bouncing Balls” under the wire mesh to prevent the blockages or the innovative, auto-tapper, which automatically clears pellet blockages.

For even easier cleaning, Witte now offers CNC-punched, perforated decks in place of the wire mesh.

Similarly, since the pellet separating decks are held firmly in place by the mounting Ballet Women's Bernardo Snake Roccia Flat Sydney x7TxOnqY, the entire plastic pellet classifier may be accessed and cleaned by one person in minutes. In fact, it can be completely disassembled by one person in less than five minutes!

cut Thin Middle Heel Work Shoes 37 black Low Witte Advances:

  • Work cut Low black 37 Thin Middle Shoes Heel Screens removed and replaced quickly and easily
  • Witte clamp permits instant interior access, easy cleaning
  • Operators enjoy quiet, smooth, dependable operation
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  • Entire unit may be mounted on casters for portability
  • Single and double separation models, custom designs available

Witte vibrating plastic pellet classifiers are guaranteed to work as specified.